The h2g2 Poem: Restaurant in the Park

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Restaurant in the Park

the moon bobbed up and down behind the trees
as we watched from the swings
afterwards we walked across the park
to our private restaurant
our table
the only bench
was taken
but it was a big restaurant
and we were pleased to share in its beauty
so we chose some high ground
in the middle of the dining floor
and sat down in the evening dew
our friends the trees
pulled themselves into a lazy circle
to keep the world at bay
motioning to our mechanical minstrel
to make music
we lit the candle on the green cloth
as we waited for our food
a troupe of two acrobats entertained us
with handstands and handjives
moths flew across the wick
and became embalmed in its molten flow
after we had started our meal
we noticed that the guests upstairs
were lighting the candles on their tables too
bon appetit!
we saluted each star as it came out
and saw the moon's face spying on us
slipping from window to window in the trees
the dance team hadn't turned up
so the management asked us if we could step in
the candlelight reflected from the clouds
and the trees hustled closer to watch
we threw back our heads
and saw the sky surrounded by the trees
reflections in a grass lake
we lay down
and with our ears to the ground
listened to the tremor of music in the earth
clouds flew across the moon
and became becalmed in its golden glow
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