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Thorn's been thinking about evil and the corporate world. How he combined those two ideas, we don't know.

Eldritch & Co. IPO

This is one weird IPO.

'For millennia we slept, waiting for the market to change. The time is right now, which is why we're proud to announce our official IPO today!'

What the heck did these guys say they made again (and why do I think a meeting of their board of directors would be really scary)?

With his hypnotic influence I predict a fairly good first quarter. Yeah, we'll try to address it heralding the end of days being closer possibly at the next meeting!

Side-commentary: If the dragons in Shadowrun can be treated a bit like that, why can't other hyperintelligent or powerful horrible ancient powers partake in business investments or having political clout? If devils get to be depicted in outside literature as lawyers or bureaucrats and dragons get to be presidents and tycoons, then why not? Cthulhu got to have his whole own cult devoted to him and managed to get that all going while he was still in a coma! He's a go-getter.

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