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Global Astronomy Month 2012

April 2012 has been pronounced Global Astronomy Month, celebrating One People, One Sky. As well as promoting dark sky awareness, there will be educational Moon Weeks, Sun Days and Moon Days. Some places are hosting 'Cosmic Concerts' and star parties, and there are online photo contests and astro-poetry competitions. The first human in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, is honoured with a special 'Yuri's Night' to celebrate the 51st anniversary of his pioneering flight in Vostok 1. Part of Global Astronomy Month is the International Dark Sky Week which will take place over 14-20 April. As the Global Astronomy Month is meant for all the denizens of planet Earth, anyone interested in taking part is advised to check the events in their own local area.

April Diary Dates

The Lyrid meteor shower, a trail of comet dust left by Comet Thatcher, occurs between 16-26 April, with the peak in the early hours of the 22nd. This year the Earth will cross the path of the comet when the Moon is just a few hours old, giving meteor-enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to clock up their best-ever count. Let's hope for clear skies!

  • 03: Mars 9° north of Moon
  • 06: Full Moon (the Pink Moon or the Fish Moon)
  • 07: Moon 6° south of Saturn
  • 08: Easter Sunday
  • 12: Yuri's Night
  • 15: Saturn at opposition (best time to view the rings)
  • 16: Neptune 6° south of Moon
  • 18: Moon 8° north of Mercury
  • 19: Moon 6° north of Uranus
  • 21: New Moon
  • 21: Mercury 2° south of Uranus
  • 21/22: Lyrid meteor shower peaks
  • 24: Venus 6° north of Moon

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