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The Financial Verdict

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Apparently, this movie isn't making enough money at all:


Yeah, I know that's the Daily Mail. But everybody's saying that, I think. smiley - laugh

The Financial Verdict

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I went to Gutenberg now and downloaded all the books - I hadn't heard of them before. Thanks for writing this. smiley - ok

smiley - thepost

The Financial Verdict

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You're welcome, Bel - my folks bought me book no.4 at a jumble sale in 1987 - a 50s reprint of a 20s book written in a prose style I found almost impenetrable, and I never got past the third page (not wishing to put y'all off or anything). I have read Michael Moorcock's Mars pastiches, and those were fairly heavy going even for a Moorcock fan like me.

About the money thing - Dr K has pointed out the same story to those of us who call ourselves his disciples. I forgot to add there's $100m of marketing dough to add to the $250m budget. Things look bleak - but I have to repeat, why release the film in the middle of March, rather than in the summer? Presumably because Disney have already given up on it and didn't want to waste a lucrative summer release slot on it. I genuinely don't think the film is the disaster its (burgeoning) reputation suggests, but it's terrifically undistinguished. The real crime is not spending $350m on a movie which doesn't turn a profit, but spending that much money on a film which isn't even very creatively interesting!

The Financial Verdict

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China


And I'm glad if the failure of the film gets anybody reading. I have never read any of the Mars books, but I remember Burroughs' 'Tarzan'.

As a study in Social Darwinism and ethnocentricity, it's unparallelled...smiley - whistle How many really bad ideas can you get into one book? At least, that's how I remember it. I think my sister liked it better...

Elektra says she's read them, and thought they were, in her words, 'junk, although less racially charged than 'Tarzan'.' smiley - rofl So there you have it.

She adds that 'he is less overwrought in his prose than Mr Howard.' [Howard = Conan the Whatever.]

She also recommends that you all stop reading 'Boy's Own Paper' stuff and investigate the works of Gene Stratton Porter. smiley - run

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Never heard of her. smiley - winkeye

I don't know, I've never properly read *any* Burroughs, but I can understand the lasting appeal of his characters (although the enduring idea of Tarzan in world culture is a lot less fantasy-inflected than ERB's original, I believe). I have read some Robert E Howard and I thought it was bracingly no-frills, energetic stuff (as I believe I mentioned when writing about the last Conan movie). Neither of them is quite as interesting as HP Lovecraft, though, if you ask me...

I think it's an interesting comment on ERB's style that none of his stories could be included in the Oxford Book of SF Stories (as close to as exemplary a history of the genre as one could wish for) on the grounds that they're all too long - 'Burroughs wrote for markets where one was paid by the word', the editors gravely explain. Enough said!

The Financial Verdict

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl I'd get wordy, too, if I was paid by the word. (My usual problem on the web is the opposite: 150 words a page. Write 220, and boil it down. Then watch the editor fill it back up.)

'Tarzan' has so many interesting incarnations. The 30s-40s version, where Tarzan was played by an American Olympic swimmer, his wife by an Irish actress (with swimmer stunt double), and their son by an American kid, is, well, just priceless on so many levels.

Oh, and I believe the chimp was gender-bending. Never mind Cheetah's relationship to that elephant. What can you say? The most fun I remember with 'Tarzan' was watching 'Tarzan and the Nazis' in a Munich student theatre. With Germans.

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The Financial Verdict

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