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Who's left?

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Deep Doo Doo

Are the postings in the daily 'Leave it here if you like' threads indicative of the current participants?

I'm posting to NaJoPoMo journals where I can make a reasonably sensible comment or where I feel qualified enough to do so, but I'm wondering if I've missed anyone. I could work through the 37 challengers on the list, but as Sol mentions, some have now dropped-out of the challenge.

Who's still active? Are you one of them?

Any chance of an updated list? smiley - ok

Who's left?

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Ivan the Terribly Average

I'm still active. smiley - smiley

(In the back of my mind I can hear most of my family laughing at the thought that I'm 'active', but so be it.)

Who's left?

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I'm ineligible for the fame and glory of doing all 30 days, but assuming my daughter manages to breathe through her nose before the end of November and so doesn't keep waking up at crucial moments, I shall be back posting. Snot is a terrible thing when you can;t blow your own nose.

Who's left?

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I'm still limping on

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Who's left?

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