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Ooh thank you

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Mrs Zen

Great to have a round-up.

smiley - ta

Ooh thank you

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Deep Doo Doo

Someone, somewhere, has put a *massive* amount of effort into creating just this one article for smiley - thepost.

Whoever you are, I thank you.

Ooh thank you

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Actually it was my absolute pleasure.

Ooh thank you

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Heleloo - Red Dragon Incarnate

thank you Sol, nice wrap up..

off to read the ones I have missed
smiley - run

Ooh thank you

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Ivan the Terribly Average

smiley - lurk

Ooh thank you

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....ooh thank you,

Now I understand what najapomojo means! All these abbreviations get the better of me sometimes, but I know if you look hard enough, the answer is always there.

I will now go and be a nosyrosy, and see what other people are up to

smiley - biggrin

Ooh thank you

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Ooo, ooo, you called it an 'epic' - thank you!smiley - hugsmiley - boing

Ooh thank you

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Deep Doo Doo

But, it *is* epic.

Not my cup-of-cha, so it's unlikely you'll see me comment in your journals Titania, but they've piqued my beloved's interest and she enjoys peering over my shoulder to read them. smiley - ok

Ooh thank you

Post 9

Deep Doo Doo


And why did I not realise it was Sol? smiley - raisedeyebrow

The clues were all there. smiley - blush

Thank you anyway. Much appreciated. smiley - cool

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Ooh thank you

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