The h2g2 Poem: A German Halloween Delight

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This material is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned.

If you're like me (=Poe fan), you associate Halloween with a particular kind
of poetry – rhythmic, lush, full of atmosphere and allusions. Bel seems to feel the same

They didn't have Poe in Germany. They had Goethe.

This poem is NOT by Goethe. Although it says it is.

Bel kindly translated this poetic urban legend for us, just in time for the spooky season.

A German Halloween Delight

It was dark, the moon was bright
Snow covered the grass so green
When a car crawled round the bight
At high speed, hard to be seen.
Standing people sat inside
Deep in silent talk engaged
While a shot-dead little bunny
Skated on the sand in rage.
Sliding backwards in a trot
Up a hill the car now drove
On the top an ancient corby
Meanwhile wound a turret clock.
Deepest silence all around
And with an appalling crash
Amidst the branches of the grass
Two camels silently played chess.
Meanwhile on a red, red bench
Which was painted all in blue
Sat a boy with golden curls
And his hair was black as coal.
The old baggage next to him –
She was not yet sixteen years
Held in her hand a fresh-made sarny,
Which was spread with lard so clear.
Up there on an apple tree
Which still bore the sweetest pears
Hung the latest plum of spring
And a lot of nuts, I hear.
From the street – 'twas wet from rain
All the dust dispersed at once
And although it was so hot
A boy's ears froze on the spot.
With his hands (deep in his pockets)
He covered his eyes just now
Cause he couldn't bear the smell
of the violet-reeking cow.
And two fish in merriment
Ran through the field of wheat so blue
Finally the sun went down
And the day rose gray and true.
By Goethe were these verses drawn
In the evening, just at dawn
While on his chamber pot he sat
And the morning paper read.

Anonymous from Somewhere in Germany

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