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BR: Pliny Front Page 'See also' section

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Icy North

The New Pliny Front Page looks well designed, but I don't like the jumble of entries in the "See also" lists. When the titles are long or sectioned then these can be difficult to distinguish from each other. Can I suggest they are put on separate lines (maybe bulleted) or made more distinct in some other way?

Examples from today's FP:

See also: Christmas Cookies from German-speaking
Countries, Kyselak Was Here - a Graffiti Tagger
Leaves His Mark, Striezel - A Sweet Bread for Holidays

See also: Life as a Union Black Soldier During the
United States Civil War, Confusing the Situation:
Naming Conventions in the American Civil War, The
British Involvement in the American Civil War

See also: Urban Fantasy: Vampire Porn, Feminist
Pipe-Dream or Misfits' Revenge?, Duct Tape and the
Debutante, A Potted History of Bovril, Plato

BR: Pliny Front Page 'See also' section

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Yes, I think we have this on our list of styling issues.

We're currently trialling different versions of images for the front page. Up until the launch we had to make a particular format of image, but now we're able to be more flexible.

Thanks for the feedback Icy. I'd prefer the See Alsos in a separate line each. How the FP looks is important and we're constantly refining it as well as other adjustments.

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BR: Pliny Front Page 'See also' section

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