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Ever wanted to set the world alight with your prose but don’t know where to start?

Many of you reading this will be interested in writing as well as reading. After all that’s what a lot of h2g2 is all about: spreading your thoughts and wisdom to many all over the world. However, not everything you write you wish to appear on the pages of h2g2. You want it to find a world of its own (and not necessarily the property of the BBC).

But first you need people to read it. This is why the h2g2 Writer’s Group was set up. It offers individuals the chance to share work with other likeminded people who can give you advice and constructive criticism at all points of the creative writing process. All you have to do add your name to the group. Then join the Yahoo group site allowing you to upload your work for others to see and download other’s work for you to review. And best of all it’s free.

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