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Could you please promote the Sporkites?

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Atari - Tok'ra (With my symbiote Jullinar)

It would be really nice of yousmiley - biggrin

Here have some

Could you please promote the Sporkites?

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Post Team

Hi smiley - smiley

I've added you to the list of clubs and societies on h2g2.

Would you write a short introduction to your club here and then we'll give you a mention in the Announcements section of <./>ThePost</.> next week. smiley - ok

shazz smiley - thepost

Could you please promote the Sporkites?

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Atari - Tok'ra (With my symbiote Jullinar)

smiley - oksmiley - biggrin
The intro is as follows:

The Sporkites are a dedicated group of thingites who campain for most thingite goals but with a few extra:
1.We will campain to abolish weekdays ALTOGETHER (except thing, a weekly holiday) and leave only weekends, so Thing, Poets, Doobry and Dontbry go round in an endless cycle. Despite this, you may still refer to the cursed weekdays, but ONLY to avoid confusion.smiley - winkeye
2.Our long, long, long term objective is to eventually beat out No!no!no!
3.Two Sporks will be given to each member, and should be posted in conversations.
4.All out sillyness past even the main body of thingites!smiley - laugh

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