Flying Pigs

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The possibility of flying pigs has long been dismissed as non-existant throughout time immemorial. "Why would they want to fly??", ask some, and others question the actual means in which they fly. Do they merely leap towards the ground and miss, or is this an art perfected by thousands of genarations of silly mistakes?

Finally, these questions AND MORE have been answered.

In the remote rainforests of a remote country in the southern hemisphere, these creatures have been happily living away their lives in their own piggy ways. They snuffle under the Pigipilous trees for fresh nuts and roots, and during the winter chew on their feet (thus the neccesity of the wings). They live in 'herds' of up to approximately 15 pigs and can be seen flying through the skies daily from the many fantastic lookout points situated around the continent.

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