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Great issue

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Big thanks for Bel and the other editors for this jumbo issue of smiley - thepost. I enjoyed it immensely.

Great issue

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aka Bel - A87832164

Thanks, Jordan. smiley - cheers

There really *are* lots of great articles. smiley - smiley

Great issue

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Yes, this is a bumper Summer Special edition for sure! This will keep me quiet all week. heheh. Thankyou all. I just need to go get some chocolate to munch on smiley - choc while I am reading, and the world is looking good.


Great issue

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(splutters on chocolate) smiley - choc.

teams of highly trained chinchillas and badgers?? smiley - roflsmiley - rofl. did I just read that? where did I read that? heheh. see, that's why I love this magazine.

OK, back to reading. could take a week. brilliant articles already. smiley - chocsmiley - roflsmiley - rofl

Great issue

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aka Bel - A87832164

Oh, smiley - choc. Now all I need is some smiley - coffee.

Great issue

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smiley - wow

I'm really impressed!

smiley - fairy

Great issue

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aka Bel - A87832164

Cheers, Vip. We had lots of really great submissions. smiley - smiley

Great issue

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I have to say, all ye Post people, that this Saving the Best for Last competition is incredible and amazing.The quality of the work, and then there are audio files and all sorts of new dimensions and ways to go. If this is a taste of the new h2g2 then the people who are thinking of joining are in for a treat!

I have commented on some of the entries, but don't have time to comment on everything, at the moment anyway, even though I've read everything. Its just so inspiring, that every time I check a submission, I then get inspired and want to go off and create something of my own, and cor honestly I find I haven't got the time to walk the dog.

Voting is a tough thing for me, even though I know it is meant to be fun. I am working on it, my inability to have fun, smiley - laugh but if I don't vote, its not because I don't care, it is because I have no dog. What??

H smiley - laugh

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