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You may know that Dougless Adams wrote two very clever books called 'The Meaning of Liff' and the follow up 'The deeper meaning of liff'. These books contained names of places given new meanings from experiences which have no specific word for them. My faveriotes are: -
Ramsgate: Doors that open the opisite way that you expect, eg doors with handels which you think you pull but you actualy push.
Lindisfarne: The plesent smell of an empty biscut tin
Drotiwitch: A street dance. The two partners approch each other and try politely to get out of each others way. They step to the left, to the right, apoligise, left again, bump into one another and repeat as often as is unnessecry
I have though up some new words such as:
Croydon: Discriptive of the embarrsement you feel when shouting a fairly obvious statement at someone because they cant hear and everyone turns.
Purly: The car that always parks infront of your drive dispite the number of notes you put on its windscreen
Selsdon: The feeling you get when you see the bliningly obvious after tring to see it for ages
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