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One of my favourites too!

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'The old bank was beautiful.'

'People kept robbing it.'

'Small price to pay for beauty.'


'Carry on, teacher lady.'


'No offence, but if he wins - kill him!'


'Este es un robo!'


'This is no time for heroics. You go.'

Oh, wow, what a great movie this is. If the 'golden oldie' slot in 24LAS hadn't bitten the dust I'd've gotten round to this sooner or later.

One of the things I really like about it is the way the story starts out so fun and light and old-fashioned before gradually getting darker and darker as the end draws near - it kind of starts out as a 40s style comedy western but by the end it looks more like a Clint Eastwood spaghetti with the blood and the killing of the Mexican bandits.

Great movie. Nice review too!

One of my favourites too!

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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)


I was soooo tempted to stick quotes in all the way through the review, cos it's just so darn quotable!

"I swear if he told me I went by ten minutes ago I'd believe him"

"I wish just once you'd be on time"

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