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What Difference would it Make?

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Hi there! Very interesting this Phantom Time hypothesis. More interesting to me is Fomenko's 'New Chronology' which is much more radical! I've read about it quite a long time ago already, can't remember just how I'd stumbled upon it.

Anyways, what difference would it make? To me, a lot! I'd have to re-write my stories dealing with an 'alternative' history of the Roman Empire, since in them the Empire does *not* fall, there are no Dark Ages and everyone keeps on keeping count of the years! So if 'our' history is out of whack, 'my' alternative history must be changed to indicate this, to bring 'their' time and 'our' time in proper alignment.

Anyways how about if the *opposite* was the case ... that the Dark Ages were so dark that several *more* centuries went by without anyone counting or noticing?

What Difference would it Make?

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

smiley - rofl I'm sure Prof Niemitz never intended to annoy you personally, Willem.

Good thought, though. If there were extra centuries to cover, we could all have fun making some more stuff up. smiley - whistle

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