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The man could almost sense something was happening and so rushed back to the woman. He almost crashed through the door to the sight before him.

"It's happening!" she yelled.

"I know, I can see. Oh the whole world will see. Oh... your waist..."

"Yes, I know!" She said gleefully. "Do not fret! It is for a good cause! And besides - consider your forehead!"

And so he did. He looked in the mirror, and he could see what had happened to his forehead. It was quite spectacular. He hadn't quite expected it, but he quite liked it.

"Soon everything will happen!" she yelled over a noise.

"Yes" he began to feel happy about all of this for the first time, but then he saw the expression on her face. It looked pained. "What's happening to you! What's wrong??"

"Nothing," she panted. "I... I think... " she was sweating quite profusely now, and looked extremely uncomforable.

"We have to stop this!" the man yelled.

"We can't" she groaned. "It's too late..."

With that something happened. An event. When the man came to, the woman was no longer there, and he was surrounded by the signs of a catastrophic occurance.

He got up and looked for the woman. He yelled for her. But she was no where to be seen.

He looked around at the scene. This was not what he'd intended. She had gone and something had gone horribly wrong.

Other people started to appear. This all seemed wrong to him. To the man there had only ever been the woman. This was too much for him.

Then they saw his forehead. They took him away. They would ask him things. Things about himself and about the woman. And he would have no answers. Because he didn't have them. Only the woman knew the answers.

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