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The man approached the discussed man.

"I am slightly surprised you have come." said the discussed man. The discussed man's voice was distinctly different to the man's.

"I am here because of her" stated the man plainly.

"Yes..." smirked the discussed man "I can see that. So why has she sent you?"

The man stayed poker faced. "There is an item that needs to be given to you."

"An item? Really? May I see this item."

The man held it in front of him, and allowed the discussed man to get a clear view of it.

The discussed man became more serious. "Is that what I think it is?"

The man nodded. "It is."

The discussed man looked surprised. "Really? I'm surprised she wants me to have it so readily. You are aware of it's purpose?"

"I am." responded the man.

"Hmm... may I?" indicated the discussed man.

The man handed it to his counterpart.

The discussed man held the item and considered it. "I am most impressed. Thinking of all that can come from this item, it blows the mind. Did she tell you what she wanted me to do with it?"

"She didn't tell me, but she told me what you do, and I think based on that it's fairly obvious what you will do with it."

The discussed man grinned. "Yes... of course. So have you noticed anything yet?"

"Possibly... I'm not sure yet. I can't quite believe what she is willing to do though..."

"She's a determined woman. And that is a truely terrifying thing. Just count yourself lucky you're on her side."

The man sighed. "I do."


While the man was out, the woman noticed changes. She wasn't sure whether they pleased her or not yet. But there was certainly something grand ahead. And she would be responsible for it.

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