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The man was. He was in it. Absolutely and unquestioningly. The woman was in no doubt. How she knew was a matter of some debate, given the set of circumstances. But these were now largely irrelevant. He was however avoiding the question.

"What did you want?" he said

"You tell me" she replied

"But how will I know?"

She considered this for a moment. How should she answer. She considered being sarcastic. But that wouldn't do. It would almost certainly confirm his suspicions. No she would be coy.

"You'll know" she said.

He was frustrated now. He couldn't stand the confusion. She seemed to think something of him that he was almost, partially certain was mostly untrue.

"Ok... but will... will it happen?"

"Oh yes" she said confidently. She smiled. "Almost certainly"

She liked being deliberately vague.

He hated it.

"So we're at the end, then?"

She took a sip, and considered. "Or at the beginning. Sometimes it is hard to know."

"But it can't go on forever!" He stated loudly.

"Sometimes these things do. It's just a matter of letting things run their course."

"But your... waist..."

"It's just a waist" she grinned. "What of your forehead?"

"What about it??"

She mused "Does it not concern you?"

"Well of course it does, but it's inconsequential when considering your waist."

"A great many have considered my waist. And I'm sure a great many would still like to." She was being playful now.

He stood up and walked over to the window. "I... I can't take this any more... how can you do this to me??"

"Oh, do not fret. For now consider only what is infront of us. There will be..." she considered her words carefully ... "more... tomorrow."

He nodded and walked through the door, and prepared himself for the following day.

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