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Trillian (36272)

hey, do you watch anime? eva in particular?


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Researcher 35838

On what do you base the statement that anime is profound in the original Japanese, and why would it lose its profundity when translated into English? "Astroboy" (surely the precursor of the anime craze sweeping the U.S.) was a kids' cartoon show in the 1960s that never pretended to be profound.


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Researcher 33886

It's not just mystical stuff, y'know. If you've ever seen any of the "Crying Freeman" stuff, you'll know what I mean. No thirteen year-old girls here, just lots of sex and ultraviolence (and a seriously cool sidekick in the first two episodes). Shame about the dubbing though. There's a lot of good SF too, especially "CyberPolice", which was shown on Channel 4 in the UK some time ago, so it's not all mystical stuff (although there is some good mystical stuff, for example "Wicked City").


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Anime's the coolest stuff on earth! However there's other stuff like "magical girl"! Like told in the entry before there's also anime who talks about things like "sense of life"!

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