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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

I am not sand. I am not a camel, either. I much enjoy desert life. Edward Abbey would agree with me. So would my father, brother, and uncle. This list could go on...


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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

Not much sand around my desert, though. Mostly dirt and stone. Are you hung up on the Sahara or White Sands, New Mexico?

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Hmm, 'fraid not. I apologise for the oversight, but this was my FIRST guide entry, all those years ago in May.
As for deserts, I'm afraid I've never been to one... smiley - sadface

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

How about black sand? that happens.
And on our beach/sea front at home, we have muddy sand.

Near us is a place called "Meols", pronounced mels, to rhyme with smells. Meols is an old-english word meaning sand-dunes.

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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

GREAT subject heading!

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Okay, black sand.... Yes, okay, will add... I've tried not to alter it too much as it was, afterall the Golden First Article... even if it isn't a good one. smiley - smiley

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