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Dusting the Church

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*A middle aged lady in a flowery sprigged dress and a much used, much loved old cardigan unlocks the door of the Church and comes in carrying cleaning buckets, dusters, and a vacuum. She turns on the lights and stands in the Church looking around. There is a faint odor of chocolate that hangs enticingly in the air.*

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaah! Maybe I'll just go into the kitchen first and bake some extra fudgy, extra cakey brownies.

smiley - biggrin

Dusting the Church

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Oops I missed this..
Hmm, there appears to be two versions of the CotTB. Odd.

Dusting the Church

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smiley - laugh If there are two it must be even, not odd... smiley - laugh

Well, which Church am I dusting, then?? smiley - cross I finished the nave and the apse and the chancel and I am beginning to vacuum the north transept. Plus there are extra fudgy brownies cooking in the kitchen. It feels like I've been here a WEEK!

*Stands hands on hips tapping her foot and looking stern...*

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