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Entry: Braintree, Essex, England - A830350
Author: Itsalloneword - U203329

Hi, this is my first article and was just wondering if it was ok and if the content is what your looking for. Cheers!

A830350 - Braintree, Essex, England

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Gnomon - time to move on

As a first effort, this looks great!smiley - cheers

It needs a little tidying up. There are spelling mistakes in it. The sub-editor would eventually correct these, but you should really do it yourself. If spelling is not your strong point, try copying and pasting the whole thing into Microsoft Word and getting it to check the spelling.

Edited Entries are not supposed to mention "I" or "me" at all. So you should get rid of the bit at the start "What can I say about this place".

If you felt like converting it to GuideML, you can make it look a lot better. Again, the sub-editor would eventually do this, so it is not essential.

To convert to GuideML, click on the GuideML Radio Button, then click on the Change Style button. Next, put at the start of each paragraph and at the end of each paragraph. Finally, put before each heading and after it.

A830350 - Braintree, Essex, England

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

I think this one needs quite a lot more work before progressing to Peer Review, if that's its intended destination.

Right now it's not much more than a list of places to go if you're a teenager, or at least below a certain age. It definately needs more on the history of the town for instance. What are Braintree's main industries or sources of income? What's the surrounding area like? Is there anything else to do in Braintree besides getting drunk and having a punch-up? What's the local architecture? Does it still have a market? How has the place faired since the eighties and the decline of Essex Man?

A830350 - Braintree, Essex, England

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

I'm with Gosho on this, I'm afraid. Of course there might not be that much to say about Braintree, though I'm still sure there's more stuff than you've mentioned. But if you live in a cool place like Brighton, why not write about that instead? I couldn't find an Edited Guide entry on Brighton, and for sure there's lots of stuff to write about it.


A830350 - Braintree, Essex, England

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Hi itsall, smiley - smiley

Gotta go with the others on this. This is more like 'A night out on the town in Braintree, Essex' than a real 'Guide to Braintree, Essex'. Nothing wrong with that, in itself. But not really edited-guide material. May I just say that you did the right thing by coming through the writing workshop first. I hope you get the kind of feedback you wanted. smiley - smiley

You might take a look at a couple of edited entries (using the search) that are 'guides to towns' type pieces and compare and contrast. This will give you a good idea of what is expected of pieces in peer review.

You have a nice writing style, so I really hope you will be able to fall into line with the guidelines and produce some entertaining and informative entries for the edited guide. smiley - biggrin

all the best with this and future writings

A830350 - Braintree, Essex, England

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Well, OK so this was the first entry I read as Braintree is my hometown. Based on conversations with my 20 year old son I'd have to say that it is accurate as far as it goes. You could fill a book with entries about almost any town - and people do, just have a look in your local bookshop - so just feel free to add to it as time goes on!

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Writing Workshop: A830350 - Braintree, Essex, England

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