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Roughly put slander is a harmful statment, against an object/subject. Words. Words that don't affect the structure or reality of an object, only the opinion one has of said object. And opinion is the concious form of perception. Perception being the way in which reality takes form in our mind. Our perception of reality is almost inseparable from reality itself. If we perceive that something is real then we have no way of knowing it is not. So the world around us is a creation of our own mind. The properties of this world are based on a grounded physical reality we all share, but are altered, in a sense painted, by our own minds. The phrase "seek and you shall find" takes on a whole new meaning in this light. We more often then not see exactly what we expect. Since our birth we have created a series of equations, or expected results, based on our previous experiences and the opinions passed on to us by others. These equations are the basis with which we perceive the world.

Perception is reality.

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