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Alondar, keeper of answers to unasked questions(G.O.W.)

Entry: Wheel Barrow - A817698
Author: Alondar, keeper of answers to unasked questions(G.O.W.) - U202048

tell us of any thing you think might make it a bit better

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Hi there!

I think that this is a good idea for an Entrysmiley - smiley, but I feel that it is lacking on many topics.

For example, what is the history of the wheelbarrow? When was it invented? For what reason? If this is going to be the definitive Entry in the Guide on Wheelbarrows then I think it's going to need a little more than what you have already got...

Therefore, I would suggest that this Entry is more suited for the Writing-Workshop in its current state so you can work on it a bit more...smiley - smiley

Don't be annoyed! Remember, these are just my suggestions!smiley - biggrin

Caper Plipsmiley - runsmiley - football

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Hmmm, I dunno, how extensive can an article on Wheelbarrows be?

I do think it could be extended a little however. For example you might want to include a section on how to give someone a human Wheelbarrow - grasp them by an ankle in each hand as they lie face down and then hold up there legs as they walk around on their hands smiley - biggrin

Perhaps a little addition on when it was invented would be nice right enough. As to why, well it's a lever essentially, a device to lessen the effort of carrying things around...

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Wheelbarrows, invented by the chinese as early as 230AD


A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Trout Montague

U202048 ... Is this going any further?

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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It's 4 weeks since his last post, another 4 till we can move it to the FM, yes?


A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Does it really take a total of 8 weeks to get moved to the Flea Market?

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Yes, that's what the rules say. A researcher might be ill, on holidays, get stuck in RL w*rk, etc.

Two Scouts together can have a tread moved at any time, but such a decision is always a tricky balance between having a messy PR forum and frustrating a researcher.

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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Gordon, Ringer of Bells, Keeper of Postal Codes and Maps No One Can Re-fold Properly

Hmmm... doesn't look like the author's been around since November 19th or so, and that was just a short entry in their journal. smiley - erm

Motion to move to FM.

A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho


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Peer Review: A817698 - Wheel Barrow

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