Rules of surviving in a horror movie

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Here are some basic rules to surviving when in a horror movie. If you have seen Scream, you will know that Randy points out some of these out, the others are just common sence.

1. Never drink or take drugs, you need to be sober and not out of your mind to stop a killer.

2. Do not have sex. It is common knowledge that virgins are the only people who survive to the end of a Horror movie.

3. Never answer the phone, because it will all most always be the killer on the other end.

4. Do not hid up stairs. The front door and the back door are your only means of escape.

5. Always take a weapon with you, just to even the odds.

6. At the end of the movie, always kill the killer twice, because it is known for the killer to try and kill his/her victim before dying.

7. Never trust your boyfriend, best friend, any family member, boyfriend's best friend, or boyfriend's mother. One of them will probably be the killer

8. Never go out to the garage on your own, you are likely to get killed on your own.

9. Do not do any kind of witch craft, it will always turn up something you do not want to know.

10. Never, ever, ever say you will be right back, because you will not.

Follow these rules and you will live to die at a very old age.

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