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Posted: 31st October 2002


Another month draws to a close and another Post appears for your delictation.

What a month it has been. It started out as a warm, indian-summer kind of a month and ended in chaos with force eleven gales, flooding, loss of life and, in the UK, loss of power. I am just thankful that the worst of it here - which saw many tree branches torn off and most runways and a good few roads closed - happened over the weekend when I didn't have to ride my bike. I am now negotiating for some storm-wear just in case it returns any time soon.

Shock waves swept the UK viewing public on Tuesday as it was announced that the BBC was 'letting Angus Deayton go' after yet more alleged indiscretions were splattered all over the papers. One keen fan of the programme known to me posted to a certain newspaper's 'Talkback' page and was surprised to receive a reply. Although duty-bound not to reveal the contents of said correspondance, it certainly sounds as if particular reporters are now on the defensive. More thoughts on this can be found in Ormy's Notes column this week. Sadly, this is the last time he will delight us with his 'scribblings' as he has decided to take his leave as a regular columnist. We all hope that he will see fit to provide us with his excellent insights again soon.

As my language course continues and I struggle more and more to keep up with the vaguaries of an alien tongue I am increasingly struck by the difference between written and colloquial speech. I think that, although helping me with the correct use of grammar, my early dabblings have confused me when it comes to everyday speech. I fear I may never quite sound authentic anyway - my teachers already say I speak with a very English accent and I know that the vowel sounds don't come out how they should - but I would prefer to not sound too antiquated. I suspect that, at the moment, I am spouting the equivalent of 'thee's' and thou's' - somewhat akin to the events in Next to the Custard!

This being Hallowe'en, you will find a packed edition with extra poetry, recipes, games and wordsearches to add to the impressive articles from our regular - and not so regular - writers. Try not to get too absorbed and miss all those parties!


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