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Is Peace Possible?

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Lily [-2+1+0+(8*5)+3=42]

I know many people who advocate for a peaceful world and I support them. However, I can't help but to wonder if their efforts aren't in vain.

Looking back, the history of the world is basically the history of war. It's how we divide up time periods, etc. Has there ever been a true utopia? Or is every Eden doomed to have a snake?

Can the world ever be at peace? And what constitutes peace anyway?


Is Peace Possible?

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Existential Elevator

It is something that I often wonder about...

As humans, we can't be perfect. We haven't quite managed to get over all there petty little differences, like religion and race...

It makes you feel quite sick. We're all the same; aren't we<?>

Is Peace Possible?

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We are the same...but at the same time there is such a massive gulf between us.

I think peace [or a degree of it] is possible.

Is Peace Possible?

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Lily [-2+1+0+(8*5)+3=42]

Degrees are always possible and every utopia lasts for a while...

The problem is, that any semblance of peace never seems to stay for very long.

I wish everyone saw the world as being populated (in part) by humans... and not by Americans, Indians, Chinease, Russian, Communists, etc...

I suppose supranational organizations, like the EU, are a step toward pockets of peace, but someone will always be excluded and as long as that exclusion exists, any peace is transient.

A teacher of mine once said that the world was made up of brothers and sisters and that as a more influential nation, it is our duty to help some of the more disadvantaged groups. But by doing, as I pointed out, cultures are destroyed. Is this the price of affluence and peaceful relations? A one-world culture? If so, then I hope that there is never peace in the world.


Is Peace Possible?

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International organisations are the way forward: but I don't think that the EU is truly international: it's a trading bloc, like NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] and ASEAN [Asian something or other] and now NEPAD [Africa] NAFTA is now working to include South America, and the EU, is moving eastwards. Trade worldwide has now increased: but within the three main trading blocs, trade between the blocs has decreased.

What has that got to do with peace? Now, the Politic is the Economic: politicians have no power it's those with money that now have the power political or otherwise.

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