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The Acrostic Poem has been a long-standing challenge, mainly between B'Elana and PedanticBarSteward. However, we've decided to open up the idea to anyone who would like to take part, as a regular poetry challenge.

The word chosen each time is the Telegram Game's current word, so if you join in or subscribe to the telegram game you'll know as soon as it's announced. When you've completed your poem, submit it by posting to a new thread below, and we'll put the best of them together in the next issue.

Have fun!


Dmitri Gheorgheni
Charismatic figures like
Aladdin and Ali Baba
Really put the rugwork on the map, so to speak.
Patterned wool, attractively dyed,
Everybody's favourite floor-covering,
Takes you places – but only if you know the magic word.
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Completely unaware of the status of the floor,
A howling freezing gale blowing underneath the door,
Reacting – as I realised while I climbed terrazzo stairs,
Perhaps some carpet slippers should be added to my wares,
Except that in Morocco – bare-footedness indoors,
Thereby eradicates the need to hoover all the floors.

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Can't You See?
Are You Blind?
Really can't believe!
Put in Words
Each One Spelt

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Cesar loves to take a ride
And be chauffeured here and there
Royally he sits by my side
Purring, meowing. People stare.
Eyes unblinking he looks out.
Then makes me go and buy a trout.1

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1Question: why is this acrostic different from the others? Because Bel is clever. She's also making up for dissing Lolcats.

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