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I wondered why my whiskey was warm this morning.


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Does this warm hand know what the other hand's doing?


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Wowbagger, a pertinent (and old) joke:
Man: Waiter, your thumb appears to be in my soup.
Waiter: Yes, I'm keeping it warm.
Man: Well why don't you stick it up your arse?
Waiter: I do when I'm in the kitchen.

jwf, I am reminded of something a woman with whom I used to work once said (she was forever making these kind of malapropistic mixed metaphor slips): 'his arse didn't know what his elbow was doing'. Well, I mean, why on earth should it? Never the twain shall meet in my book.

I seem to have said 'arse' twice in one posting... and there's the hat trick.


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Post Team

*and spimcoot scores with a superb cross shot - will it stand or will it be disallowed? - the ref looks undecided whether to award a penalty or not - the excitement mounts (or something does) - time ticks away, YES, YES, YES!!!


shazz smiley - magic


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DoctorMO (Keeper of the Computer, Guru, Community Artist)

hmmm, I like the idea of sympathy, but I played too hard and lost to much, either that or I have a realy hard mother.

So, Greebo, ever heard of a fruadien slip?

-- DoctorMO --

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