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Failing to practise what you preach is not hypocrisy

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Interesting article.

However, it may be worth pointing out what hypocrisy actually is, rather than what it is often perceived to be.


It may be understood that way by many, but that's not what hypocrisy is.

Hypocrisy is not simply an inconsistency between what is advocated and what is done. Samuel Johnson made this point when he wrote about the misuse of the charge of "hypocrisy" in Rambler No. 14:

"Nothing is more unjust, however common, than to charge with hypocrisy him that expresses zeal for those virtues which he neglects to practice; since he may be sincerely convinced of the advantages of conquering his passions, without having yet obtained the victory, as a man may be confident of the advantages of a voyage, or a journey, without having courage or industry to undertake it, and may honestly recommend to others, those attempts which he neglects himself."

Failing to practise what you preach is not hypocrisy

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Hypocrisy is pretending to be something you are not.
If I say smoking is a vile habit, but still smoke, that doesn't make me a hypocrite, unless I pretend to be a non-smoker. Then I'd be a hypocrite.

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Failing to practise what you preach is not hypocrisy

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