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Everyone is always wrong about the future and so am I

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I would like to make a predicition or two about the future, and just to let everyone know, I am wrong. In the future, mother earth will swallow everyone that spites her. She will not, however be destroyed. Trees will grow through and shatter our buildings, sidewalks, and roads. The trees will then be our only logical abode. And why not? They feed our breath and our senses. We'll also realize that the most effective "computer" there is would just so happen to be the fabulous human body. It can do everything and more. How many people will be as happy as I when there are no longer telemarketers and smog? We will eminate energy and everyone will reflect that energy infintessimally against each other. Imagine two mirrors turned on each other reflecting pure energy. Everyone will glow magnifincantly. Oh yes, one more thing: speech will be entirely different. We will not use words because of the fact that they cannot hope to ever completley express human feeling. Music will be our new language and not only will every human being be fluent, but so will every living thing. Sweet Huh?

Everyone is always wrong about the future and so am I

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Thats lovely, Dove. smiley - wah

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Everyone is always wrong about the future and so am I

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