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Mankind is attacked on all fronts, and often the last line of defence is the Imperial Guard.
They are recruited from various sources, depending on the homeworld. On many worlds, they are the cream of the planetary defence forces, who are expected to provide a set number of soldiers (usually 2-4,000) per year. However, on hive worlds such as Necromunda, the planetary governor may choose to simply draught in the viscious under hive gangs, in order to make use of their killer instinct.
Not all Imperial Guard armies can be defined as 'standard'. Aside from Infantry companies, Tank companies and Mechanised Infantry, there are several other forces of note. Some examples are the Elysian Drop Troopers, who specialize in airborne drop attacks, or the jungle fighters of Catachan, who excel in jungle conditions.

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Wargamer's Additions.

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