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A carriage pulled by a WHAT...?

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Know where you're coming from on the 'even for a Moffat script this was weird' thing. Stories with this kind of structure always seem weird in DW, don't they?

I think it benefitted from tying Christmas into the storyline so closely, rather than just telling a standard story with a Christmas tree in the background, as Rusty's Xmas shows did.

Some fanboys will doubtless be wondering how young Kazran and old Kazran could touch each other at the end without everything blowing up, but my main problem with te plot was that, having set up the importance of the fact of Abigail's looming demise, then they needed to either have the Doctor contrive some brilliant way of saving her, or do the whole dying-in-the-arms-of-her-true-love scene actually on screen. Having her just fly off smiling even though she's on the verge of croaking just felt like a cop-out.

A carriage pulled by a WHAT...?

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Josh Clarke - The Auburn Time Lord

Possibly could be seen as a cop-out. You can't have a dying-in-the-arms on a Christmas story really, especially after last Christmas...
I would see saving her as some sort of cop-out, Moffat's now famous for his 'Everybody Lives' stories now. If she was saved/healed from her death then the emotion of Abigail finally having her Christmas Day would be somewhat dulled. Her Christmas Day allowed her to make the most of her final hours, intimately with the one she loves smiley - tardis

A carriage pulled by a WHAT...?

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Cop-out either way. Moffat wrote himself into a corner there!

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