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Devon Flag

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Ozzie Exile

For those of you who were curious, the previous posting was from Mr Flag and apparently related to the Devon Flag windsocks they are selling.

Incidentally - and as predicted by Mr Flag - other Flag manufacturers have taken up the 'Devon Flag'.

An example is shown in the link below

[Unsuitable link removed by Moderator]?target=dept_22.html&lang=en-gb

The flag is made of printed polyester (which looks a little cheaper - but then again - it is) and I don't have an issue with that. However the flag as shown does not look "quite right". The Black band looks to be too thick and the green "too bright".

In fact the flag looks more like an original design by Estren than that of Ryan (and I have seen someone incorrectly use the Estren design on a personal website).

I will refer the matter to the Devon Flag Group.

Devon Flag

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Researcher 228968

I dont like printed flags does any one have a dictonary which defines what a flag is .And I can see that the flag is more aforable .I see it on the Brixam Lifeboat and flying over our church .I have worked preaty hard to establish the proper janners green sown flag in the area our local chandeler now stocks it it was over eighty when we closed the book . I supose it was bound to happen. Please god let the yobs stick with other flags. I already know of some one who had there Devon flag stolen from off of there fishing boat.I also know it was flying at the last night of the proms in the albert Hall.I am now expecting a roasting for flying it as an ensign what else can i do on a sixtean ft launch. I am taking it the janners green down to cornwall this weekend the movers and shakers in the county think its great.

Devon Flag

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Researcher 228968

Sorry the flag on our church which I supplied and the flag on the BXm life boat are proper sown flags I did not make that cleer which I was more then happy to gift.

Devon Flag

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Ozzie Exile

It seem sthe 'BBC anti-advertising police' are in overdrive at the moment.

The company who are selling polyester Devon Flags are known as 'theflagshop'. You can do a google search on the Devon Flag and they will come up fairly early.

Obviously my posting was not meant to advertise their product - in fact almost the opposite - which I thought matched the BBCi guidelines because it is pointing the site out for evaluation/criticism rather than promotion (which seems ok even after I read the guidelines again!)

Anyhow, my point was that the flag they are promoting does not 'look right'.

I agree that sewn flags look better, but I don't have a problem with printed flags as such. They don't look as good or last as long as sewn flags... but they are cheaper. However whoever does them should get them right.

I have emailed theflagshop and told them that the design looks incorrect (the green should be Pantone 348 according to Mr Flag - and the Mr Flag flags look right to me).

Devon Flag

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Ozzie Exile

There is at least one more flag manufacturer out there selling the Devon Flag (in addition to MrFlag and theflagshop).

I have come across the Hampshire Flag Company - which like MrFlag is selling sewn flags.

Again - the picture doesn't look 'quite right' but is does appear closer than theflagshops picture.

By the way - Ashburton Council have been sighted flying the flag - and the Ashburton Info Centre will shortly be selling Devon Flag bumper stickers!

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Ozzie Exile

Kevin Pyne has suggested that the Devon Flag should be flown at half mast in support of the Appledore Ship "Yardies" who have just been made redundant.

Devon Flag

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I don't believe a flag should be flown at half mast except when demonstrating respect to the recently deceased.

After death, a flag is run to the top of the flagpole and then lowered by an amount equal to the width of the flag. Thus the (invisible) 'death flag' flies above your own as a mark of respect. It remains that way until the funeral, after which the flag is returned to it's original state.

IMHO however worth a plight such as redundancy may be, it is not death.

Devon Flag

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Ozzie Exile

Some of you may have noticed a few articles in the local press regarding the Devon Flag.

Most recently Kevin Pyne had a letter posted - with picture.


Also the 'DevonFlag' website seems to be up and running and seems to be run by Devonians (also based in Dartmouth which is unfortunate in a way)

Keep up the good work guys.

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Devon Editor

Hi all. Did anyone watch the live rugby between England and Wales from Brisbane on Sunday 9th November broadcast on ITV?? Glad to say there was a huge Devon flag being waved enthusiastically from the grandstand. What a great advert for Devon!

Devon Flag

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Ozzie Exile

We are in the news again:



I am not sure about anyone following the flag into battle - hopefully we have outgrown that - although the Duke of Exmouth did use a Green and White Flag in the Battle of Algiers some centuries ago

Here is another reference


Also - The 'DevonFlag.co.uk' site is up and running - any comments????

Devon Flag

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Bob McBob

smiley - cool Like the site! (http://www.devonflag.co.uk)

Devon Flag

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Ozzie Exile

I understand that a new community centre is being built in Dartmouth (the Flavel Centre?) and they are putting a 'time capsule' in the foundations.

One of the items that will be "travelling in time" will be a Devon Flag along with a potted history of the Flag and its development.

Immortality at last!!!

Devon Flag

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Thats a nice thought isnt it.

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