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kasese<a rather confused individual, desperately seeking Harmony>

What a bizzare subject but one which I'm sure plagues many minds. I'm only 48 so don't intend to depart this world any time soon but here goes. I'd like to be remembered as a loving mother, a Humanist, someone who cared about the environment, someone who attempted to live each day to it's fullest. I have left my mark through my art work and social activism. My children can be proud of the fact that I have never shyed away from debate which is relevent to my social concience. In death, I want the mourners to not grieve about my passing but to celebrate my re-birth in reincarnation. At my Memorial service, I want people to celebrate in the true Irish tradition, by holding a wake in my honour. Dance , drink Scotch or Irish Whiskey, have fun and above all, remember me as a free spirited indivudual. I want half of my ashes scattered over St. Patricks's Head in Ireland the remaing to be burried in my family plot so my children will have somewhere that is a marker to go to if they want to talk to me. I wish to have Celtic Music played at my memorial service in particular,The Marquis of Huntly's Snuff Mill, written by the Bara MacNeils but performed by Natalie McMaster. Even better, I'd like the woman herself to perform it at my wake. I truly believe that in this present life I've shown myself as a good person worthy of continuing on to the next level. It only gets better. I also want to say to my close friends and family that in the distant future while walking down the street they may come acrross someone who looks familiar if only for the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and I'm certain that my children and friends will recognize that soul again some day. Kathleen

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