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It was the time police who eventually stopped my meddling. I had killed Hitler. I had straightened the leaning tower of Pisa. I thought I was doing good. But eventually they caught me, and put me on trial. Once they'd fixed time back the way it was, they were pretty lenient really. They said they would allow me to travel again, however they told me "the only conditions are that you not change anything, and stay out of your own lifetime!"

Well that was me told. But at least I had my beloved time machine again. It's metal bars gleaming in the sun. I sat in the seat, and looked at the controls in front of me. The familiar lever was crying out to be pulled. But where should I go? I felt I should go to the future first... how long did I think I would live? 90 years? 100 years? Better make it 200 years in to the future to be safe. So I set my dial for the 12th May 2215. At 11:00 in the morning.

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