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They will be the first to be shot when the revolution comes.


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I don't think Microsoft is quite as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Any company trying to combine as many vastly different pieces of software and hardware under one system, without being open source, is going to have alot of issues because of the complexity involved. Admittedly, I do find it a bit frustrating that they try to control everything I do on my computer, but I just think they deserve a bit more respect than they are normally given. Just a thought.


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Well, setting aside that they more than once were convicted for stealing code, convicted for intentinal malfunctions with rival programs, that they destroyed the software philosophy, that they are trying to destroy the open source project just because they cannot compete with it, that they lied officially (consider the NT thing), that they cheated on their customers, that their products need patches, which when applied bring doom (see what happened recently with their mailer) and have the nerve to sya that open source programs are not reliable... no they are not that bad... The shooting thing comes from Douglas replaceing "Sirius Cybernetics" with "Microsoft"... I don't actually want to shoot them... I think...


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Actually I think the quote is "first against THE WALL when the revolution comes"

Microsoft are lazy and thieves but when it comes to programming is bloody difficult to keep every running nicely. Unless you haven't tried programming, even in something like Quickbasic u will learn that is increbibly difficult and time comsuming to look through 200 lines of code to find a tiny error where u have forgotten to put a semi colon. Think how much code makes up any microsoft program, it would triple the price (even though it is way too much at the moment) if coders had to look through all of their code to removed every single bug. Oh and before you say "I program HTML" it doesn't count. HTML is too easy and does not count as a proper programing language.


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Baryonic Being - save GuideML out of a word-processor: A7720562

Here is a link to some video evidence of an embarrassing moment for Bill Gates:


It's very funny, I think. I'd also like to say that when I was using Windows 98, I kept a record of all of the errors I got, and it totalled over 120 after just one month.

Then I upgraded to Windows XP, and the errors are fewer but when they do come they are far more frustrating.

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