Apollo: Stalked By many!

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A run of bad luck

Making a sculpture

This golden-thighed God, creator of the H2G2 battle of the Gods, is beset with woes! He is currently being assimilated by the borg. Recently he was caught by sea doing kinky things with a certain cat...involving whips and chains...oh, my!

A Dominatrix and her Dog

The Muse of flirtation, he is irresistable to most females, with a few exceptions.smiley - The Keeper of ex-girlfriends has his own video game(post 5). Run, Apollo! Watch out for the truck!smiley -

His Thigh High Club is currently being picketed by the club dancers, who want benefits. They also want longer skirts and flat shoes! smiley - To top it all off, his favorite pair of green tights has been condemned by the U.S. Customs Service! post 160

An iguana

He is still mourning the loss of his beloved nilpferd...Poor Nilpferd...), stolen in one of the battles of the Gods, and kept by Saturn Girl. Lizzie is but poor comfort.

On the bright side, he has actually won a battle, sending one unfortunate poodle into orbit.

Then, the cats cracked his Secret ACF Smiley Code*sigh* Maybe he'll have a change of luck soon.

He was last heard banging on the inside of the trunk lid of Red Dog's car on the road to Weston Super Mare. If you come across him, give him a smiley - , ladies, he could use some cheering up. Just remember to bring a crow bar; Red Dog lost the key to that trunk back on the road when the cop stopped him.

smiley - You Gotta Sea This!!smiley -

Red Dog and Soeasilyamused have the goods on our golden-thighed friend's "extra-curricular activities"

Follow the link for The Ex Files.

smiley - Apollo! We never knew you were That attatched to those tights!

being stalked!!!

As the last paragraph of The Ex Files reveals, Apollo dumped Saturn Girl for Celene Dion. Deranged by his rejectionsmiley - , S.G. is stalking him! If you see her, Lurking, don;'t hesitate to give the poor guy a head's up!

Stalked by...

Let's see...First, there was Madonna, then Roseanne Barr, Then Uncle Heavy revealed the Love Child thingy (It happened that night in the showersmiley - ). Now Pamela Anderson shows up, followed by Mike Tysonand Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Throw in assorted barnyard animals and a monk or two, and it sounds like trouble for old "golden thighs". Maybe we should run an update page called Ex Watch...

What is this, Apollo, "With six you get egg roll"? So, whose next, Apollo? Inquiring minds want to know.

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