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The Deftones are, quite simply put, an amazing band. Drawing influences from Faith No More as much as thrash and grunge (from the Alice in Chains school, but faster), they form a sound that is good and heavy-guitars spew out thrashy riffs, the drumming is very complex and driving, the bass is spider-fingered and dynamic and doesnt sit still, and riding the whole thing are the vocals, sometimes matching the intensity, sometimes contrasting with it. AMAZING vocal diversity.

The group first formed in Sacramento, CA during 1988, when then-high school students Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham, and Chino Moreno first began to jam together. The young band was able to invest some heavy cash into their equipment set-up early on, when Carpenter collected a substantial cash settlement after being hit by a drunk driver. The Deftones began playing out locally shortly thereafter, and going through several different bass players, before finding a permanent bassist in the form of Chi Cheng.

Deftones is:

-Chino Moreno (lead vocals, guitar)
-Frank Delgado (turntables)
-Abe Cunningham (drums)
-Chi Cheng (bass)
-Stephen Carpenter (guitars)



Released in October of '95 by Maverick Records (Madonna's label), one year after KoRn's debut, early in the heavy alternative scene that would rule for the rest of the Nineties. Their debut had a very heavy, thrashy sound-no mistake, their producer, Terry Date had also gone into the studio with Pantera.

Around the Fur

Fur explodes from the beginning, packed with thrashy riffs, explosive drumming, and dynamic bass. Most of the instrumentation is the same, and the real progression is in the Deftones' sound, as a whole. For this album, the group expanded to a quintet with Frank Delgado, a DJ. This new member adds new dimension and depth to their sound. A ripper of an album, their sophomore effort does not disappoint.

White Pony

Their third release, White Pony saw a HUGE change in the Deftones' sound. What was once totally heavy metal and riff-based had by then expanded to included everything from punk to electronic touches. THey still indulge in a good metal song (like "Elite") but even those have touches that stop them from being completely old-school. There are more experiments with softer and quieter songs, "Teenager" coming to mind. They'ev expanded on their punk influences more, with songs like "Street Carp".

(Self-titled) (any day now)

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