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Researcher 203057

He there ....stumbled onto this amazing site...and then your Pi synopsis...et voila, here I am now starting a new conversation. Well can’t write much because of mitigating circumstances...but wanted start a conversation and continue it some other time with a cinefile....that’ the diagnosis so far.

Till next time.


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I'm a Kitano fan, so thought I would say Hi too :>
Battle Royal would go in my top ten film list, but of the films he directed, Sonatine is my favourite... definately a chill-out film with a lovely soundtrack.
He also directed a music video for one of his daughter's j-pop songs :>
Dr Gonzo, maybe you could add something about Kitano's near fatal accident? I don't know too much about it, but it's the cause for his facial ticks which you see in the more recent films.


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Brother is just pushed out of the number 1 spot by Sonetine.
But Boiling Point is one of the wierdest films i've ever seen


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Did i say Sonetine, i meant Hana-Bi


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Thats wierd. I've seen Taksehi's Castle but never realised it was the same guy. I just thought it was a bizzare Japanese game show - which it is.

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