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This page is part of the 'Interactive Fiction' project and contains links to other websites which are relevent to the project. All links are accompanied by a short review and are rated out of five (where 1 is very bad and 5 is excellent). If you have any other link to contribute to this page, please post them to the forum below (Sub-editor: Please remove previous sentence.).

Name of SiteRatingDescription
Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive5A well-designed catalog of the IF Archive. Excellent, fully configurable search engine. All entries are rated.
Adam Cadre's IF Games Page4Information about Adam's games and links to downloads for each game.
Interactive Fiction Basement2Strangely designed1, but contains links to some other good sites.
Lucian's Interactive Fiction Page3Comtains links to material, including games, by the author and some common sites.
IF Archive4The IF Archive is the definitive collection of interactive fiction on the 'net. However, it's best viewed through Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive as the design can be confusing.
The IF Book Club1Information about some IF games. Features two games each month, however it seems to be abandoned. Some of the links don't work because the page hasn't been coded properly.
Brass Lantern5A great site, crammed full of reviews, opinion columns, interviews and advice. It has a great site design which lets you browse to your heart's content.
Twisty Pages4An informative site, with plenty of resources for new IF writers.
XYZZY News4Another good article site, which also offers update notifications by e-mail.
Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games3The website for SPAG, an e-zine written to promote text adventure games (bet you'd never have guessed that). Back issues are avaliable, and you can have them sent to you by e-mail.
Joe's IF Page2Contains links to IF reviews by the author and other sites.
The IF Page3Offers a large selection of links to various other IF sites.
IF Starter Kits3Offers a set of 'IF Starter Kits' - sets of games compiled with new IF players in mind.
Mark J Musante's Interactive Fiction4Links to IF written by the author, as well as some essays on game design and reviews.
IF Review3A good review site, which is well laid out and enables sorting by author and game title.
PDD's Adventure Page4Lots of information about the history of IF, including links to other sites.
The Best Free Interactive Fiction Of The Century4A huge page with reviews of some of the author's favourite games.
Snacky Pete's Text Adventure Archive3A small text adventure archive, covering the author's favourite games
The Textfire Hoax5Every community's gotta have one! Details of the 'April Fools' prank that got out of hand.
>Verbose4A large site about many aspects of Interactive Fiction, written (as the Intro demonstrates) in an engaging tone2.
Interactive Fiction on the Palm4Interactive Fiction, only on your Palm. Go here, buy a Palm and look forward to your buisness meetings for the first time in your life.
The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Text Adventure5It's the HHGTTG, in IF form. Classic. Go play, now!
IF Comp4Information about IFComp 2002. This site will include details of the IFComp when it's completed some time in 2002.
TADS5The official TADS (Text-based Adventure Development System) homepage. Includes download links to the TADS interpreter for most platforms, as well as information on the latest version of TADS.
Adrift5Another official site, this time for the ADRIFT (Adventure Development and Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit) interpreter.
Zarf's IF Page3Information about the author's games, links to reviews and other IF sites...
The Adventure Game Toolkit4The official site for AGT (Adventure Games Toolkit), with details and links to interpreter downloads.
The Colossal Cave Adventure Page5Loads of information about Colossal Caves (AKA 'Adventure'), the first text-adventure game.
The World of IF5Lots of information about Interactive Fiction. This site includes pages about 'Worlds Apart', which was created by the author and which this Researcher thinks is a good game.
Quest 5You can download Quest from this website and start making games today! There's also a forum if you need help, plus you can download free text adventure games from the Quest Games Archive.

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1And hosted by Geocities, which ought to be a capital offence, thanks to their advertising.2In other words, it's funny.

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