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The new religion...

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I want to introduce you to the religion of the future...

Science manage to explain a lot today and give us a clearer picture of the humanity and earth evolution.We still cannot exclude the idea of an "external intelligence form" that would have given the start to the expanding Universe ...BUT,it now appears clear that any supposition of God known of us today are untrue and need to be rapidly forgotten!

In technical term we just need to explain the process that transform nothing into something without anything!!!We know what nothing is and we can even recreate it on earth and of course we know what something is so what's in between stay a miracle for us and is " probably" going to be indefinitly unexplainable even if we can manage to run a bus with hydrogen today..Believing in a God is not resolving the problem simply because a God is already something...Anyway,why should you believe in a God?Do you think that he's gonna reserve you the best bedroom in the "Paradise Hotel" because you praised for him,what happens then if he actually doesn't like people to praise for him and would prefer them to reserve their time in saving the planet he hardly managed to make for them?

Sending research expeditions in space will only help us in finding new planets;finding new forms of life is not impossible but if we find any they would probably(think of the luck to find a planet that gave the same possibility of evolution than earth..) have nothing to do with us and we would not learn much about why we are here today.To finish, finding this new form of life before the death of our planet would be such a luck considering the constant extension of the universe and the estimated life of our planet in constant decrease!!!!

All that to get you into the new religion introduction:

"The new religion" has nothing to do with a belief in a superhuman controlling power but is more a kind of "devotion" in adapting our way of living with the impact it makes on the planet and not only with our own needs.This is simply believing in what you see and nothing else.

It is about respect for our ONLY planet and all the inhabitants.We know now that the earth's life is not only dependant of its closest planets like the Sun but it is more and more dependant of the humanity behaviour(human=most clever animal on earth?just check by clicking there ) .

Respecting earth is the most important and best step each of us must do for winning the respect of our own children and you should do everything you can now or you will never be forgiven because it will simply be too late!

This is understanding the mistakes,learn from them and try to repair them before its to late.We should have learned that War is a mistake but you can see it on TV everyday...When the climate change will become a case of "planet change",where (on earth?) are we going to live?

You may enjoy life today but would you like your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand children to enjoy it too or do you think that the human you know today will naturally evolve with an oxygen mask,an air-conditionned body and a anti-UV skin?

Do you realise that the climate change already kill millions and will rapidly swept billions.Do you see the floodings in Europe,China,..;the starving people in Africa(there is no point in learning them the use of a condom if we keep on living like today because Africa will rapidly become impossible to live in!!!!),the pollution "clouds"(3Km wide?) in Asia,etc...Do you find it "normal"??

A lot of organisations are already trying to inform everybody(Greenpeace,friends of the earth,...).You can start today by helping them and show the good example to your children and all your friends by recycling,using a bicycle instead of your car(killing machine more than anything else),switching to green electricity(yes,it does exist!),vote for any green party(the others are manipulated by the bigger pollutant multinational companies),eat organic food(this is more expensive simply because the demand is not big enough...),etc...There is more I could say but that will be it for today.You might think that this is more a personnal point of view on too many subjects but just try to think about it twice.


Thank you for reading me and good luck!

The new religion...

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Researcher 236584

Although I am sure your intentions are good, i must advise you that your post would most certainly be taken more seriously by simply improving upon the readability. Cleaning up your grammar, punctuation and article structure would surely help make your message clearer.

The new religion...

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Finding a new lifeform 'out there' may in fact help us to learn new ways to survive, not just to learn about ourselves. Additionaly, the process of natural selection (where only the organisms of a particular species that are best suited to living in particular conditions (eg: your so called 'pollution.') Futhermore, if you care to study animals in the real world, you may notice that insects are slowly becoming immune to certain pesticides that are used for agriculture. This is because ones that have some immunity to these pesticides are the only ones of that species surviving. Consequently, they are breeding with other ones similar to them and thus the species adapts to surviving the use of pesticides.
Now, that I've finished rabbling on, what is there to suggest that this won't occur in humans and thus allow ourselves to become immune as a whole to the effects of pollution? Similar things may even take place in all other living things.

The new religion...

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Researcher 236584
You're talking, 'I' isn't meant to be 'i'.

The new religion...

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I hate people that can't spell! Or use proper punctuation!

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