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visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

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Nice Post. smiley - thepost

I love the layout. Vertigo. Time-Travel. Up. Down. Day. Night. Now I understand the essence of vertigo in fact. Next time I am on any of life's edges, I won't look up - or down - smiley - rofl - be it day, or night.

Your wonderful graphic of Clive the Flying Ostrich's fiery orange pumpkin carvings have an incredible visual impact on first click into smiley - thepost. Nice idea. Whoah! 'Tis Halloween indeed!

smiley - biro

Here's a question I've been asking myself. I like to read smiley - thepost in its entirety when time allows. This week time did allow and, over the next few days, I am going to attempt to comment on everyone's contribution. This is a genuine impulse, as I love the diversity of the worlds here represented by peoples' writings and graphics, and want to show my appreciation.

smiley - biro

Also, I think that if people decide to contribute to a magazine like this, its good sometimes to know that someone has read it. Or is that just me? Not that my particular attentions are particularly valid or anything, smiley - rofl hmm, but is it good just knowing that a reader is out there?

smiley - biro

Anyway, my question is, how do I let people know I have read their piece, even if I don't always have the time to add intelligent (or, in my case, almost-intelligent) comment. smiley - rofl. Perhaps I could leave a piece of chocolate or something. smiley - choc. Although to contribute real chocolate would be better! smiley - choc Hmm.

Or maybe its just the thought that counts.

And, of course, sometimes I don't have time, or even regular access to a computer, so then it might appear that I have gone all silent and sulky, and eaten all the chocolate myself. smiley - choc

Ah! (clutches brow). The Questions of Life!

Thanks again. Wonderful magazine. smiley - thepost

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

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aka Bel - A87832164

Thank you, much appreciated. smiley - choc

I know it's not just you. Everybody appreciates a comment showing them that there is somebody out there who has actually read what they wrote.
We all *know* those readers exist, but if their articles go uncommented for x-issues, even the the most confident people start to doubt, not to mention those who aren't so confident to begin with. I'm no exception. I guess it is something we all have in common.
But then I know, too, that it's not possible to comment on each article each week. I *do* try to make an effort, though, and I think if each of our readers only commented on one article once in a while we'd be very busy reading all the comments. As it is, we'll just have to be content in the (mostly unproven) knowledge that a lot of people read smiley - thepost.
Personally, I can see it in the number of submissions we get, and references throughout hootoo. Still, a direct comment like yours is very uplifting, so thank you for taking the time. smiley - hug

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

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Thanks, Bel, for these insights, and they are most helpful to me. Good to know I'm not alone!

smiley - cake

I love magazines - music magazines mainly, but also graphic design and film etc. - even though paper is now more rare, and therefore expensive. Worth it though, when a treat is needed!

smiley - thepost is the only online magazine I have read, to date, because I love it and I think it is quality. It would be good if there was a paper version also - or maybe not, huh. smiley - roflsmiley - huh Further stress for the Eds. !smiley - rofl

I guess you'd have to have a Letters to the Editors section, rather than the conversation-spaces at the end of entries.

I think these conversation-spaces attached to entries are an interesting format for a magazine. With a paper magazine, I tend to just read it through, without thinking about contacting the authors of the articles. Every now and then, perhaps, I'll think about emailing the Editor, if a particular feature attracts my attention, but I tend not to. Perhaps I should be less lazy. hmm

smiley - biro

At best, I think, these conversation spaces could lead to amazing spontaneous meetings of creative minds, and the sharing of inspiration and knowledge, and support and useful advice.

At worst - if you're me - smiley - rofl - they could perhaps raise a host of insecurities and feelings of failure etc. smiley - rofl - especially if I was a regular contributor, and these spaces were glaringly empty for weeks on end.smiley - rofl.

Hah! No! Enough! They're just spaces smiley - rofl. Nice spaces. smiley - biggrin. Quiet spaces in space where I can rest and drink coffee and perhaps plan my next work. smiley - coffee. The Cafe Conversation-Space. smiley - rofl (is it apparent that I write my best works in coffeeshops? smiley - rofl)

smiley - biro

I also fear that a Post smiley - thepost contributor might be a professional person who is looking for a publishing deal or an opportunity or recognititon of some kind, to necessarily further their career - and they see an entry in the space and they think - yay! its that deal! - and it turns out to be scruffy little me - a well intentioned passing poet-person, with a stash of chocolate smiley - choc in my pocket, but with no wordly influence whatsoever - and so therefore they might be very disappointed.

Hah! Enough! I won't let that one get to me either smiley - rofl. There is space in the spaces for both me and the wordly person. There's always enough space in spaces for mutual respect and all kinds of exchanges of a well-intentioned and reciprocal nature - and the sharing of good chocolate smiley - choc. smiley - rofl

yadayada. Don't I just go on and on and on. smiley - rofl At this rate I will have no time in my week to go a-wandering through smiley - thepost to visit some conversation spaces. Ah but I will! And its been good to think about these important matters.

Thanks again, Bel, and your team of Editors, for it all.

H smiley - chocsmiley - magic

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 4

Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

Hi Cactus!

Glad you liked the pumpkins. smiley - pumpkin

Those were from my 2008 season, but the banner was so good, why reinvent the wheel?

This is my 2010 carve set.

Enjoy. And a (belated) Happy Halloween! smiley - monster


smiley - bat

Clive. smiley - pumpkin

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 5


Wow! Thanks Clive! smiley - pumpkin Incredible! And thanks!

My fave is the pink one - the Ack Ack Ambassador? - and the ones around the RIP headstone ...smiley - ghost heheheh ... but, in fact, I shouldn't select any faves because the others might say s'cuse me what about me??? ... and haunt me with their flickering eyes 'till I wink at them also .. what? .. .. getting carried away there with smiley - pumpkin-poetics..

wonder is there an EG entry about the tradition of pumpkin carving at Halloween, because I don't in fact know why or where or how it all came about .....

(heads off to find out, winking at flicking pumpkins as she goes)

smiley - runsmiley - runsmiley - pumpkinsmiley - runsmiley - runsmiley - winkeye

ccsmiley - ok

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 6

Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

Ack Ack is from "Mars Attacks" smiley - ufosmiley - martianfrown



My favourite this year was Jack and Sally (his mouth was - forgive the pun - a 'nightmare' to carve) but I was really satisfied with them, Ack Ack Ack and Pinhead.

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 7


eeeeeaaaargh yelp howly yowly howly smiley - runsmiley - runsmiley - rofl

that's the sound of a rapidly ageing lady almost-poet, aka me, encountering some pics that Clive sent her, smiley - rofl, featuring some unusual, and yet almost handsome, erm .. entities, who look not unlike those people she met once, in the frenzied days of youth, in a dream-state brought on by too much writing in rhyme under the influence of sunlight and peppermints.

(exit pursued by various flickering pumpkin entites)

ccsmiley - runsmiley - pumpkinsmiley - run

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 8

aka Bel - A87832164

It's wonderful to have such a nice feedback, be it in form of postings or pumpkin photos. smiley - smiley

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 9

Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

"It's wonderful to have such a nice feedback"

Agreed. smiley - biggrin

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 10

Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

On the matter of flickering pumpkin entities...

I took advantage of the break in the weather to take this photos.



smiley - pumpkin

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 11


Whoah! Good heavens, sir, you are an artist of fire. A fire-artist. Thanks for sending these. What do you do with these fiery pumpkin creations? These pumpkin gods. Do you work on commission? You should tour festivals with these. I can just see them at Glasto. Even though its not Halloween when Glasto happens, but hey.

smiley - pumpkin Splendid! And thankyou.

We have a friend who works with fire. (hope Dmitri isn't reading this .. fire and all. bit sensitive) hahah. He's a fire-eater. Our friend, that is, not Dmitri, although he might also, in another life.

smiley - pumpkin

Permit me Clive, while I'm yet here, to use this space to print out a couple of white mice smileys, and maybe a fried egg. I'll explain why. Its kinda funny.

smiley - mousesmiley - esuomsmiley - mouse
smiley - friedeggsmiley - friedeggsmiley - friedegg

I have, you see, been on h2g2 for a little over five years, and up until a few days ago I had never read a certain piece of literature involving hitchhikers and guides and galaxies. smiley - rofl. I always thought these smileys were just kind of abstract. smiley - rofl Interesting website, I thought. smiley - rofl. Friedegg graphics. I like this cafe. smiley - friedegg. I can do graphic design, and eat friedeggs for breakfast, and all for free. smiley - rofl

Yuh, well, now I know, of course, the significance of these little pictures, but hey, it doesn't stop me printing out my friedeggs smiley - friedeggsmiley - friedegg for breakfast every day.. hah! yes ...

yes ... yes ...... yes ......smiley - runsmiley - friedeggsmiley - runsmiley - friedegg

visual impact of fiery orange pumpkin graphics

Post 12


PS smiley - dontpanic

fire-eater meaning very creative circus/festival performer. who juggles with fire, and eats it. of course. like one does. unless one doesn't.

smiley - rofl hmm.

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