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Happy Halloween

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Happy Halloween smiley - huh Are you kidding? Halloween's supposed to be about ghosts and monsters and being scared. What the smiley - bleep is so happy about that? smiley - cross

And what's with all this dressing up? Jeez, I quit doing that when I was about 10 years old, and yet every year I see people who are well into adulthood - and who therefore ought to know better - dressing up at Halloween... and spending three months looking forward to it. Dressing up is for kids. GROW UP!!!

And if you are going to dress up, dress up as something appropriate for the occasion! Schoolgirls, Bugs Bunny, princesses and your favourite TV character are not scary! Unless your favourite TV character is Catweazle. Or Jimmy Saville.

Halloween? smiley - bleep it - I'd rather sit through the Bobawful ghastliness of Christmas smiley - grr

Happy Halloween

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

It could be worse than Jimmy Saville. Someone dressed as Dale Winton might come to your door smiley - run

Happy Halloween

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

At least you said Happy Halloween rather than 'Trick or bleedin' Treat', unlike many of the rapscallions that knock on one's door these days. I'm fortunate enough to now live in a third floor flat, thus avoiding the scrounging, culturally confused guttersnipes.

Happy Halloween

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

In Scotland (where we got the hang of Halloween way before you lot did smiley - tongueout) we have 'guisers'. Traditionally if you went to someone's door you had to do a turn of some sort in exchange for sweeties or money and there was none of this 'trick or treat' nonsense.

Happy Halloween

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Stealth "Jack" Azathoth

Steal a foam fire extinguisher and treat any body that comes looking for sweet to a blast from that.

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