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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

smiley - grovel Oh please somebody wipe this smile of my face smiley - smiley<-- see?
I have just ACE'd about 20 newbies and fear the grin will remain permanent smiley - biggrin

Its getting worse..........


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smiley - hug There, there, Sir Mort.

Whenever I find myself in danger of becoming smiley - yikes cheerful smiley - yuk, I usually take a look at http://news.bbc.co.uk/ . It rarely fails to restore my smiley - sadface!


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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

This should do the trick



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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Thankyou Gosho and Ormondroyd

That certainly did the trick smiley - sadface In fact I think I am back to normal now. smiley - blue

Yes, smiley - grr I am thoroughly annoyed now at the 'powers that be' letting people be trapped so long. One of my worst nightmares. smiley - wah

What a relief, to be back to normal.

Thanks smiley - ok


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