Project: Pennsylvania Films and Actors

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  • Project Name: Pennsylvania Films and Actors
  • Field Researcher: Jimi X
  • Department: Film and Photography
  • Faculty: Arts
  • Start Date: 10 May, 2002
  • End Date: 10 October, 2002
  • Assisting Sub-Editor: None yet.

Project Description

This project will examine the history of film-making in Pennsylvania, providing overviews of some notable films set and shot in the Keystone State. We'll also do brief bios on some of Pennsylvania's notable actors and actresses.

Pages currently in progress or planned:

  • Films set in Pennsylvania
    • The Deer Hunter
    • Houseguest
    • Sudden Death
  • Films shot in Pennsylvania
    • Slapshot
    • Major League II
    • Girl Interrupted
    • Beloved
    • The Blob
    • The Silence of the Lambs
    • The Sixth Sense
    • Wonderboys
    • Creepshow
    • The Distinguished Gentleman
    • Kingpin
    • Taps
  • Films both set and shot in Pennsylvania
    • Witness
    • Rocky
    • Philadelphia
    • Night of the Living Dead
    • Dawn of the Dead
    • Lucky Numbers
    • Striking Distance
    • All the Right Moves
    • Gung Ho
    • The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh
    • The Mothman Prophecies
    • Gettysburg
    • Flashdance
    • Trading Places
  • Famous Pennsylvanian Actors
    • WC Fields - actor
    • Tom Mix - actor
    • Michael Keaton - actor
    • Johnny Weissmuller - actor
    • Jimmy Stewart - actor
    • Jack Palance - actor
    • Charles Bronson - actor
    • Henry Mancini - composer
    • Grace Kelly - actress, princess
    • John Barrymore - actor, director
    • Gene Kelly - actor, dancer
    • Sharon Stone - actress
    • Richard Gere - actor
    • Joe E Brown - actor
    • Robert Redford - actor, director
  • Pensylvania Film Bureau, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Contributing Researchers

  • None yet

Further Information Required

If you have further information that you think might be useful in this project or if you'd like to write an entry or two, please post a note in the conversation threads below, or contact Jimi X.

Contributing Researchers

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