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A knight in black armour, fired the cannon. It was the wrong sort of knight however. Almost the right Cannon.

"No no no," said Angelique, who looked a lot like a princess "this is all wrong" as a cannon whizzed past her head. "This isn't right yet. I want the right time! Fix it, Sidworth!"

The black knight looked on slightly bemused at this slip of a girl strutting back and forth uncocerned by his cannon fire. He reloaded.

Then the black knights world exploded. Brilliant colours appeared in front of him, and then he landed on a multicoloured large fluffy cushion. Whilst he still had his helmet on it was difficult to see that he was somewhat perplexed. The room he was in was white. Actually technically it wasn't a room. And technically it wasn't white. It was more an open space surrounded by a white fog or cloud.

"Don't worry old boy," said the fighter ace walking towards him "that girl got you too?"

"Where am I?" groaned the black knight.

"A sort of neverspace. A realm of the non-existed. We are anomalies. And this is a kind of waiting room. With fluffy cushions. Horrid isn't it?"

"So what do we do now?" said the Blacknight.

"Wait I suppose" smiled the fighter ace, resigned to his fate.

The blacknight got off the cushion. "But this is... insane? I need to get back, I have lands to conquer!"

A man in army uniform, who was slightly portly, with a moustache and drinking a cup of tea responded "I'm sorry chum, but you're conquering days are behind you. Tea?"

The knight smashed the cup of tea out of the Major's hand, who protested until his junior officer shoved another cup of tea at him. The knight ranted - "What are you doing? We need to get out of here. Who is that woman? I thought she was the daughter of the local lord, but that can't be right."

"Oh she's the daughter of a lord alright" said a strange man in the corner with a wide brimmed hat with a cigarette in his mouth, which seemed to be smirking over the hat. He lit another match and lit another cigarette, and waved the match out. "But he is a lord beyond this little realm. He is a lord of many dimensions, of times and of places. And his daughters wishes, which are many, are all possible, and all granted."

The black knight finally took his helmet off, to reveal a rugged bearded face, a man who had seen battle. "And who are you?"

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