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Finally I get to see!

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Heh heh! I wanted to see this cartoon for a while and today I succeeded! Usually when I'm here I can't see many of the images - and so it was, too, for this cartoon. But today I managed! How? Via Google! I was randomly searching for stuff and came upon ... my own picture of Shansitherium! This is the first time one of my paintings show up on Google images - and it did so close to the top! So I searched for other of my stuff on Google but didn't get it. I wanted to see if my Dodo pictures made it ... they didn't but the *article* did, and from there I followed the link back to h2g2 ... and wonder of wonders, suddenly the pictures show up here again! And then I went to the Post so I could view your cartoon, and voila! To prove I actually saw it: it's about galactic cannibalism. Did you know though, that one galaxy can swallow up another - with hardly any stars or star systems getting destroyed or disturbed in the process? Because stars are so incredibly distant from each other!

Finally I get to see!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl Yes, we were having a discussion last week about whether h2g2 influenced google much, and I did some searching, just for laughs.

I found Gheorgheniplex and Platypus Dancing cartoons - offered by an Indian website, as wallpaper!

Be careful, yours will show up there some day, and somebody in Bangalore will use your dodo to liven up his day. smiley - winkeye

Prof Animal Chaos was on at me about those galaxies - I realise that sometimes it makes no difference, but the researchers have found fragmentary matter that indicates that this did happen.

It reminded me of the hot-button anthropologist issue: Were Tribe X cannibals? (Big argument in the Southwest US.) And then they start saying, 'Look. We found these bones, see? And that looks like cooking to us. Get over it.' smiley - rofl

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