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Willem, what you say is SO True. But people are really lazy about this. Because if people really thought about things they would have to CHANGE WHAT THEY DO and more frighteningly who they ARE. That is a really terrifying thought and keeps people in their more readily malleable state that those who are in control of this world desire.

One of the things that makes thought difficult is that the present illusionary reality is maya or an illusion because nothing that was meant to be would be so mucked up. EVERYONE contributes to the mess because no one is willing to accept their responsibility in this. If humans would wise up and realize that they do have a place in THE SCHEME OF THINGS and ACCEPT that all people are their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers and that this unreal world was a chance to understand that and LIVE and DO that this world would be a different place. This also ASSUMES that there are others outside this system who actually KNOW REALITY and keep trying to get us to BE better and desire the REAL thing and not accept poor substitutes. The potential is there but we are all like Bart Simpson with regards to being underachievers. Bart is convinced that he is perfect and is oblivious mostly to mean counter -productive things that he does. Alas so do we all.

There are several problems with using your brain to reach for more reality. OTHERS take it as a threatening act and a judgment on them for not doing it – fearful people are a lot more dangerous than cape buffalo. When you go against the herd or flock they may ostracize you and this is upsetting to a social animal.

Also in your search for what is real, you must accept the possibility of being WRONG and therefore you need to be OPEN to those who know where their towel is to MOVE you and STEER you in the correct direction. Again this requires a constant vigilance and flexibility that many children have, but adults don´t. Hence Jesus saying you need to come to REALITY as a child, but not be childish in that you need to accept responsibility for your own acts.

Since culture and the ZEITGIEST inform our choices, lots of people have BAD habits because they want to skip every process that those above try to get us into. This leads to a lot of cutting off
one´s nose to spite one´s face and constantly putting carts BEFORE horses. Things that are done out of order make life difficult for others. Since what is apparent is not what really is this sort of thing has consequences that are all out of proportion bad and lead others into making mistakes as we do.

Another bad habit we have is judging. How different this world would be if there was less of this bad habit. Judge not lest you be judge. Upstairs seems to indicate the that is definitely NOT something that humans have any business doing. Cut people slack and forgive if you expect to be forgiven. Most religions try to get this across to their adherents. There is so much negativity and counter-productive things that arise out of this. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? You are not supposed to do this and all this stuff crowds out and replaces the GOOD that should be there.

This is akin to another pernicious evil insisting that you are RIGHT and therefore you should have the say of things. Only someone from outside the system knows what this is. Many so-called good people have wrong notions because of what junk was commonly held when they lived. Very few humans are capable of realizing no matter what good ideas they have, they tend to compartmentalize things so they can hold several contradictory notions. Being RIGHT gives you such a high, you never realize what damage this habit is doing to your nearest and dearest and love should begin at home. Not to mention
all the political damage this does. It leaves out of the equation of a dialog or peaceful compromise.

Any way thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as all your wonderful art with us Willem.

A few thoughts,

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Willem......if those were a *few* thoughts....smiley - whistle

smiley - winkeye

A few thoughts,

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Hello there Elektra and thanks very much for your thoughts! Dmitri, for me those are indeed a ‘few’ thoughts! Personally I have a heck of a lot of thoughts where this is concerned … much too many for any mere posting here on h2g2! But one has to start *somewhere*.

OK Elektra, I’m going to talk about those thoughts of yours! First: people being lazy to think! That is so – and I’m afraid it’s getting worse. There does seem to be a prejudice against thinking – anti-intelllectualism. Someone who thinks and takes a certain kind of pride in it is often perceived negatively. ‘Does he think he’s better than the rest of us?” In my own case – I *am* a guy who thinks, I think it’s what we got brains for! I don’t think I’m a better person than others. But I think I do think better than other people – because I try! Everyone can think better if they try. But there’s not a state of ‘perfection’ that can be reached – so I am not in a high and exalted place where I can be satisfied that I am really clever and wise. I am still working on improvement – as I think everyone else should, as well!

The thing is – if ‘ordinary people’ *don’t think* - if they think philosophy is a bunch of lah-di-dah nonsense having nothing to do with them – then they end up having other people doing their thinking for them. Exactly as you say there. This suits the elites very well – because indeed they can then control people, and predict them. And – the way the ‘system’ is set up – this is necessary! People whose minds are really free will not be ‘model’ consumers, will not be perfectly obedient citizens, will not allow themselves to be taken for all sorts of rides and to be exploited left and right. They will be security risks because intelligence agencies will not be able to easily figure them out.

The thing is the elites don’t realize it but they are cheating themselves. The dumbness doesn’t remain with the ‘lowly masses’ … it infects everything. Ideologies dreamt up to fool the fools end up becoming something like Frankenstein’s monster, eventually destroying its own makers. The materialism, greed, consumerism, shortsightedness and so on that are necessary features of the kind of worldview on which current economic thinking depends – vitally depends, the system literally cannot survive people suddenly choosing different values – will in the end destroy our civilization and wreck the functioning of the global ecology. We *have to* change our thinking before we reach that point.

I am accepting my responsibility for the mess the world is in. I first did it by shaking off the lies the Apartheid state tried to force on us. I then went on to try and shake off the lies my church tried to force into me. I am also trying to shake off the lies the new government is trying to spread, and also the lies I get from the international media. The thing is this is vital – we all must really, really test the things we are being told over and over! And when the stuff ‘they’ keep telling us doesn’t make sense – why should we stand for it? There’s so much that doesn’t make sense!

Like you say – we are each others brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. The biggest lie out there is the view that we are competing *against* each other. That I must grab what I want, away from you. This needn’t be so. We could indeed co-operate and help each other out – we could do this maximally, and it could work. But … the view that we are essentially selfish, is really being *pushed* … and it becomes reality! We are told over and over that human nature is essentially selfish, and we believe it, and in believing it, we make it true. So the horror world of everyone against everyone, is becoming real! But it doesn’t need to be that way! But try and explain it to people. ‘No, you’ll never overcome or change human nature,’ they say. The ‘clever’ people have become cynical. The person who tries to speak of hope of things being better, becomes a naïve fool.

But here I am, aware of a very different reality, a very different potential. I have changed myself – enormously. I did it because I *cared* - about myself and also about others. I have found values infinitely superior to money or the possession of material things or the kinds of ‘success’ we are shown over and over in such a diversity of media images. I have found a much higher form of inner security, inner peace. And I am truly and utterly sure that others can find this as well! And if others can find this, the world can be transformed – for the better.

But it is an enormous ‘enemy’ that has to be overcome. This enemy is not another person or group of people! No people are the enemy. The enemy is this illusion you speak of that is afflicting so many of *us*. Not *them* - *us*. The illusion can also be seen as a disease or an addiction. A disease because it is carried from person to person and infects people’s minds. An addiction because people don’t seem to *want* to get rid of it and will go to great lengths to resist being ‘cured’.

What *is* the cure? Nothing less than this: realizing that life itself is an inconceivably wonderful and great gift! Realizing that we all have the most amazing opportunity in this life, for appreciating ourselves and each other and everything that happens. Starting to value ourselves and each other with the deepest appreciation. Realising we are *not* against each other – we are all part of something greater in which we are together and with which we can help each other enormously. And that helping each other will enrich us rather than impoverish us. That Love is indeed the highest good. That it is always better to love too much, than to love too little. That life is a learning experience. That we can overcome the pain and the things we see as threats, in a positive manner. We can and should adopt and exercise ourselves in values and disciplines like compassion, consideration and responsibility. That we should listen and try to learn from others. I think we *should* be critical – not just believe everything – but be fair in our criticism and not ‘judgemental’. The way I see this is the way we apply it in our art classes. We all criticize each other but in a constructive manner. We all receive criticism with gratitude because it helps us to improve. This is the kind of attitude I want to see. We must emphasise the positive. There is a positive way to react, a positive way to think, about everything, *without* being dishonest. We can see wrongs and mistakes – the *positive* aspect of that, is that identifying a wrong, a mistake, is a way to overcome it and move on to something better. None of us should be afraid of criticism, because each of us has much more positive potential than faults. None of us should be afraid of making mistakes - even while we all must always try *not* to make mistakes! Like you say all of us are fallible and could be wrong – but then it’s not such a big deal to accept it if we’re wong, since nobody is ever perfectly right! None of us should be afraid of failure because life itself in essence is already a success. We should all believe ourselves to be capable of much. We can be much better than most of us think – we defeat ourselves when we think negatively about ourselves. Not thinking ourselves better than others, but thinking ourselves as being *all* capable of immense good. Wanting to be the best persons we could be so as to *inspire* others, rather than to conquer or beat them.

Whew! Those are only a few of *my* thoughts …

A few thoughts,

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Gracious Willem, I get that. You are preaching to the choir here on that. Now what would happen if everyone was placed in a wonderful world where there was no want - everyone in fact had what they needed given to them? Where nobody could cheat their neighbour and only the good and righteous things could be done. What would people do under these circumstances. You could not excel because all your experience was shaped in this false world with its bogus social contracts and lacks. The question is could we learn to live with neighbours who were so superior in living this because it was their nature and they invited us there knowing we can´t make much of a contribution. They brought us there because that is THEIR nature and coming from here wouldn´t we be suspicious because we know that we aren´t worthy of this love. But we have to beleive that our sins have been removed and learn to live without them. The sad thing would be not to make the most of this wonderful opportunity. Learn to follow the wise pack or herd leaders there and not make waves or conflicts. Animals are smart enough to live like this, people have to let themselves be rewired so that their instints benefit the all members.

Can we change our nature by modeling ourselves to be like them enough so as not to interfere with THEIR work which we are too weak and immature to do. The problem is we aren´t open to changing our minds and opening our hearts to be able to do good things automatically without thinking about them. Like all this blather we´re doing now. The problem is when we are trying to put our puny thoughts together we aren´t really DOING anything for somebody else who can´t afford the leisure of thinking.

I think we need to leave the running of the universe to those who know what they are doing and since we refused every opportunity to help, at least we can stay out of their way. Change our minds about insisting on having things our way and play by the new rules.

Sorry I´m just rambling.

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