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Grand Theft Auto 3 - PC Game

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Steve K.

I recently wrote a review of GTA3, a game that I consider very impressive, for a small computer gaming newsletter. A few excerpts:


"All you ‘responsible adults’ can stop reading this review now, unless you want to add to your storehouse of outrage … GTA3 is not for the squeamish or morally superior." Thus begins a short review of GTA 3 in the Houston [Texas, USA] Chronicle.

... the real star of the game is the city itself, an amazingly detailed, living place, populated with a vast array of convincing characters, and in which you have the illusion of complete freedom of movement. Traffic flows, pedestrians amble, street lights work, rain falls, sounds change continuously, and you can interact with almost all of these, in an extremely non-linear fashion.

As Columbo says, "Oh, one more thing …" The "insane stunt" is a highly regarded talent in GTA3. PC Gamer has a detailed explanation of ten stunts, including "car surfing" which involves cruising the city standing on TOP of a car. " … to speed up, let off a few rounds on the car you’re riding …" My own stunt was jacking a cop car and attempting a flip into the river - I was a little short and skidded down the spillway upside down into the water. But this got me a $95 bonus and an entry in my stats: Distance 54’, Height 9’, Flips 1, Rotation 33. Just like the Olympics.

Other Voices ... ABC national television news broadcast, Peter Jennings, 1 July 2002: "The video game that rewards murder and violence, and is so popular with young American boys."

Think interactive "Sopranos", but without the family stuff.

The Sequel: GTA Vice City ... "Game Informer" (GI) magazine, giving GTA III a "legitimate shot at surpassing The Sims as the best-selling game - period", has an extensive preview of "Vice City" in its Aug. 2002 issue. In a nutshell, "bigger, better, faster, more". Set in a tropical city with pastel colors rather than grime, the game "plumbs the depths of the 80’s". In case you’ve forgotten, GI provides some 80’s "highlights": mullet hairdos, Miami Vice, "Less Than Zero" starring Robert Downey Jr. as a doomed drug addict, synth pop by Depeche Mode, "Scarface" with Al Pacino saying "Say ‘ello to my leetle fren’ ", Jimmy Swaggart, bolo ties, and Spuds McKenzie T-shirts. The music has been upped from three to nine hours, including songs like "You’ve Got Another Thing Coming" by Judas Priest. Ray Liotta of "Goodfellas" fame will do the voice of the hero (something almost non-existent in GTA III). The city is twice as big and fully open at the start of the game. Plus better figure models, better controls and targeting, cool 80’s cars, more access to the interiors of buildings, cigarette boats, and … pizza delivery.


I think I'll try Vice City smiley - thief

Grand Theft Auto 3 - PC Game

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Researcher 237848

What about the whores?

Grand Theft Auto 3 - PC Game

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Steve K.

There are certainly prostitutes walking the streets in GTA III. If that kind of thing bothers you, you probably want to avoid this game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 - PC Game

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Grand Theft Auto 3 - PC Game

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